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How to do a self-lymphatic massage in your room

When you do a lymph massage in your room, do it in a relaxed state. It is recommended when the body after bathing is warmed up. You may want to drink a glass of water before you begin, as a hydration to help drain the waste.

Basically, gently stroking without any effort. Always move your hands from the end of the body, far from the heart, to the lymph nodes that filter waste. The main lymph nodes are mainly concentrated in the collarbone, armpits, neck, stomach, pelvis, and behind the knees.

Below, we will introduce the detailed flow of some parts.

・ Neck to shoulder
First, from the back of the neck to the shoulder. Next, pour from the back of the shoulder to the front collarbone. Pour it in several places, from the part near the neck to the part near the side.

First, rub the inside of the elbow well. Next, gently grasp your wrist and pour it into your elbow. Move your hand in the image of pushing up from the elbow to the armpit.

・ Calf
Pour from your ankle to your back. It is effective to move both hands alternately. Do the outside and inside of your legs. If you press the depression on the back of the knee slightly stronger, it feels good.

・ Thigh
First, apply pressure by hand to the inside and outside, respectively, to loosen. Then, pour from your knees to your groin. Be careful not only inside and outside the body, but also on the front and back.

Massage from flank to navel, gently stroking. Then, wrap around the navel, squeeze counterclockwise as if to write the letter “no,” and finally pour it from the side of the flank through the center of the stomach and into the groin.

It is good to use oil when doing massage to improve slip. Especially those that are sold as massage oils, because they contain ingredients that promote the effect and can give a relaxing scent, please use it.

It is pleasant to have a full body massage in lajpat nagar at a salon, but if you make a habit of flowing lymph on your own, you will be able to prevent various physical problems. By all means, try a lymph massage one to three times a day at home.

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